26 August 2008

PUMA = Feminazi

DENVER, CO: A diehard Clinton supporter makes a
last-minute appeal to superdelegates outside the convention center
to change their votes during the "symbolic" balloting on Wednesday.
The delegates later invited "Mrs. Rabbit" to a private coffee.
(photo by W. Brothers)

The acronym stands for "Party Unity My Ass," and it represents the dead-enders in the Clinton movement, those who won't listen to the candidate herself when she urges them to vote for Senator Obama. They are on the loose in Denver, though I doubt anyone is pepper-spraying them. One correspondent doubted whether they existed, but a stroll outside the convention hall revealed the truth. I had no doubts, but fresh confirmation came when I saw a Clinton delegate on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning. Her narcissism and tunnel vision were appalling to behold. There was nothing Clinton herself could say tonight to convince her to support Obama. She at least conceded that she hadn't decided who to vote for in November, but she insisted that it was up to Obama himself to convince her. He needed to do this by speaking "to me," the delegate said, in a way he supposedly hadn't done so during the primaries. I'm scratching my head, because I don't know what more Obama can say to these people.

These are people who no longer care what anyone else thinks, including their own favorite candidate. Their nickname is apparently self-selected and shows either indifference or tone-deafness to the impression it makes. When I hear "puma," in the context of a group of women, I can't help being reminded of "cougars," the name given (by who, by the way?) to women who aggressively seek younger people as sex partners. PUMAs openly equate themselves with predatory animals, which is not the impression to make when trying to influence political decisions. Also, it's a poor choice of predator. The only puma I know is Pete, perhaps the most ineffectual of all Bugs Bunny's antagonists in Warner Bros. cartoons. To Obama supporters and other sensible Democrats, I recommend asking these crazy people, "HOW MANY LUMPS DO YOU WANT?"


hobbyfan said...

Took the words right out of my mouth, Sammy. Pete Puma may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but these idiots make him look like a straight-A student.

Come to think of it, ol' Pete might be ashamed to have you associate him with these clowns. I recommend to them a bottle of anything and a glazed donut to go.

crhymethinc said...

oooooh better give them lotsa lumps...

hobbyfan said...

Three or four apiece? (g)