24 August 2008

McCain pities Clinton

I don't want to get into the bad habit of analyzing each day's internet commercials for the presidential campaign, but I'm going to show you the new McCain ad lamenting Senator Obama's failure to nominate Senator Clinton as his running mate, only because there's a good follow-up.

I found out about this ad while watching Chris Matthews' program on MSNBC. Matthews's comment on it was priceless. If McCain thinks so much of Hillary Clinton, he suggested, why doesn't he pick her as his running mate?

Think about that one. Would it really be that different from picking Senator Lieberman?


hobbyfan said...

Yes, it would. That would be like a hawk sitting down to dinner with a weasel.

Samuel Wilson said...

McCain might appreciate your symbolism, since he once equated debating Mitt Romney with wrestling a pig, but I'm afriad I don't really get it.

hobbyfan said...

In a way, hawks & weasels are both predators. A weasel, however, is more of the back-stabbing variety, and isn't that how the Clintons' detractors see them? If Senator McCain is anything like President Bush, he's a warhawk (of course, it helps he actually served in the military).