07 August 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Daniel Imperato

Imperato separates himself from most of his independent peers by doing something they would find abhorrent, He has a bilingual campaign website. The English-language version details his career to date. He is "a global businessman in the areas of telecommunications, commercial office building development, sports arenas, entertainment facilities, shopping malls and consulting for Fortune 500 corporations." To scare some people, let me add that he's a Knight of Malta and a Knight of the Orden Bonaria, which he represents at the United Nations.

In addition, "As a responsible citizen, Daniel Imperato has done many things to help better our country and the world. He has selflessly dedicated his time to the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), where he know serves as a trustee, and head of the Palm Beach branch. Through the African Center Foundation, Daniel has become a leader in the global fight against HIV/AIDS which greatly plagues Africa. "

Imperato appeals to Hispanic voters, and "believes that he can bridge the gap between Americans, start the dialogue that our country needs, and bring people together." As a second-generation American, he appears to be particularly concerned with immigration issues. He calls on Americans to "treat immigrants as people" without qualifying which immigrants he means. He may believe that his hemispheric policy agenda, including "joint manufacturing programs, expansion of labor unions and organized labor into Latin America," may alleviate immigration pressures, but his main priority seems to be to "help the people, teach the people, and organize the people, to compete around the world for a Better Americas. "

On other voters' top priorities, "My strategy for Iraq is to implement an immediate cease fire, strengthen our troop base, and join with the Arab states for a long-term peace solution. We must get support within the Iraqi leadership to collaborate with, and bring peace to Iraq. In addition, America must setup a payback system for the US taxpayers and the money that they have spent in Iraq using revenues from oil sales. Iraq and its people must have compassion for the US troops that we've put in harm's way to protect their future democracy. "

On energy, he's as much concerned for the rest of the hemisphere as for the U.S. "My policy will begin with the diversity of energy solutions, such as an improved and stronger relationships with countries in South America like Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia. We then must develop, and equally distribute, throughout the Americas ethanol, biodiesel, wind, and solar, electric powered processes. "

Imperato has an unusual plan for bolstering the Social Security system. He wants to reform the tax structure in order to steer more charitable donations into Social Security rather than into "charities that do little for the American people." He would place limits on charitable contributions to anything other than Social Security. "That way, wealthy Americans, who wish to have the largest tax deductions through charitable donations, will donate back to the American people and the Social Security Charitable Fund that will be run by we the people. "

After having vied unsuccessfully for the Constitution, Green, Libertarian and Reform nominations, Imperato apparently is still campaigning as an "independent libertarian." Like Senator Obama, he has been touring foreign countries, albeit more stealthily, including an encounter with a Ugandan reporter last month. The following campaign video was posted to YouTube in May. With no reflections intended on Imperato's personality or platform, I have to say it is probably the worst campaign commercial I have ever seen. Take a look for yourself, then visit Imperato's website.

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