08 August 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Rob Jorgensen

Jorgensen might seem too indecisive to be President if you judge by his answer to Project VoteSmart's request that he name his favorite color. He named red and green. On the other hand, he participated in the Committee For Justice's general indictment of President Bush, which was served on the White House in 2004, and was briefly jailed for his trouble.

Running under the banner of the Justice Party, Jorgensen thinks it's a good omen that he turned 44 in the year the country will elect its 44th president. He believes that Bush has bungled the war on terror, being too concerned with benefiting Haliburton to defend the country from real terrorist threats. He has a curious theory that the September 2001 hijackers, if I understand him correctly, were being guided by nanotech implants in their heads. While he asserts that the technology likely employed to control the hijackers has been developed at the University of Hamburg, where Mohammed Atta studied, it's unclear from Jorgensen's account whether he attributes the implanting to al Qaeda or some other entity.

Jorgensen believes we have to clean up our mess in Iraq and bring Bush to justice. "Bush & Congress made a mistake, so we need to fix it, by fixing Iraq," he writes, "Their Oil is vital to the Global Economy, vital to everyone in the World. Until we can switch to Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars and many other clean energy sources, we are dependent on Oil. We need to fix Iraq, the Country we invaded and destroyed. We need to do what we can to grow Peace and Freedom in that important area of the World. At this point, we are to heavily invested and can not cut our losses and withdraw. " An additional suggestion for Iraq, offered to Project VoteSmart, is "Prayer works miracles."

For homeland security, Jorgensen recommends the Swiss model he experienced during a visit to Bern, included in what he calls the Vidal Onion plan. While he opposes the idea of pre-emptive or preventive war, he thinks law enforcement should have more leeway in monitoring domestic communications. Thinking in the long term, he regards education as one of our best defenses: "The more we educate our Populace, the better we will be able to combat these new technological threats. Biotechnology, Nanatechnology, and many other new emerging technologies hold incredible keys to human advancement. The common man will find it hard to realize their granduer, impact, significance and promise. Unless we invest more in Education, these technologies will continue to be developed in foreign countries and most likely, will again be used against us in the future. "

While Jorgensen is concerned about national security threats, he thinks people shouldn't go overboard with the politics of fear. "Fear is not productive and no way to live life," he writes, "Not even one sparrow will fall dead apart from the will of GOD! "

To turn the economy around, Jorgensen would "claim Bankruptcy on the massive debts and millions were paying just on the interest, Bush and Congress has brought upon our Nation. We need to ask the Europe Union and Germany, in particular to help us recover financially, as their economy was poor in 2002, it's now thriving. " In effect, he proposes a Marshall Plan in reverse, as payback for what we did for Europe after World War II.

One of Jorgensen's more eccentric goals is to eliminate the "New World Order" from our paper currency. That means getting rid of the slogan "Novus Ordo Seclorum" on the dollar and replacing it with "Diversity Is Our Strength."

Rob Jorgensen distinguishes himself from most candidates, major or minor, by declining to solicit campaign contributions. He intends to run an entirely self-financed campaign, and asks anyone who might have donated to him to give the money to the Disabled American Veterans instead. He asks only for volunteer help in spreading the word and write-in votes, which he'd like to read, "In Rob We Trust." While self-financing amounts to unilateral disarmament for a "small business owner" like Jorgensen, his attitude is to be applauded. We can feel certain that this campaign, whatever its other limitations, isn't just a con job. Here's his website.

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