11 August 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Daniel Kingery

In July 2008, Kingery was arrested in Washington D.C. for wearing a sign advertising his candidacy around his neck when entering the National Archives. The authorities considered this form of self-promotion to be illicit soliciting. The incident appears to have intensified Kingery's existing feelings about government in general. He outlines his views below.

Kingery is a high school graduate and former Marine who has owned a variety of businesses over the years. He bills himself as "President of the United States -- Apprentice." He tells Project VoteSmart, "After writing manuscript about how to recognize candidate who would get me to register to vote for them, I listened to several democratic and republican debates when I knew that candidate did not yet exist. I had to become that candidate."

He also pitches himself as "Your Handy-Man President" and has some ideas for "patches" on loopholes in the Constitution that have allowed politicians to abuse their positions. For example: "Loophole #1: Article 4, Section 4 guarantees a "Republican Form of Government." The loophole occurs by not specifying a Representative Republic. In a republic, those elected rule the People; In a representative republic, those elected serve the People.Loophole-Patch: Amend Constitution to state, "Representative Republic form of Government."

Beyond this, Kingery has a six-step plan including a rewriting of the Constitution to re-establish the principle of representative government in keeping with the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and a detailed reformation of elections, including popular election (as I understand it) of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Speaker of the House. The plan also includes a revision of the criminal justice system, interpreting the Thirteenth Amendment to mandate forced labor as a nearly universal punishment while eliminating plea-bargaining and professional immunity, but also abolishing capital punishment and any penalty for victimless crimes. Health care reform, education reforms and a detailed social security reform plan are also included.

Kingery will remove U.S. troops from Iraq within 30 days of his inauguration unless the Iraqi people formally request our continued presence. While he's determined to keep fighting against terrorists, he appears convinced that the Iraq invasion was a mistake, whether it was an attempt to capture bin Laden, seize WMD, control oil or force democracy on people. He reduces his foreign policy, with apologies to anyone who thinks he oversimplifies things, to the principles of the schoolyard playground, e.g., "Pre-school Play-ground 101. If you get caught starting the fight or if you get caught as the first person who throws the punch while defending yourself, you look like a trouble-maker."

As a handyman-politician, Kingery applies what he calls a "Domino Effect Problem Solving Technique." "I've identified the corrupted causes common to the most problems; which when corrected, simultaneously solves many of problematic side-effects," he explains, "Domino Effect Problem Solving benefits you with a drastic reduction in the costs associated with providing the services you desire. "

Kingery claims to have campaigned in 28 states, and has used up $15,000, almost all his own money, in the process. His campaign updates, current into this month, are poignant in a way, because he considers himself a success in that he has done what he wanted to do: travel the country, participate in independent campaign roundtable events, and get his message out. He's set up shop on YouTube and MySpace and has more videos than the one I've shown you. While working odd jobs through the remainder of the campaign season, he intends to contact 200 people a day online, hoping he can get some to spread the word. Without exactly endorsing him, I guess I've done my part. Daniel Kingery is another of the self-selected candidates, and with his homepage leading with the story of his July arrest, I feared the worst about him. But apart from the usual inexcusable errors or typos, I was relieved to see someone who at least aspires to thinking seriously about the political situation. As I've said regarding some of his peers, if there were more voters like some of these candidates, we might well have better candidates across the board.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the write-up.

Sorry for the typo's. I figure the most important task at this time is to get the ideas out for the People to review.

Get the People involved. Hopefully, they will help polish and refine the ideas.


Daniel Kingery, President of the United States of America --Apprentice

Samuel Wilson said...

Mr. Kingery: Thanks for responding. Your point is correct: the most important task is getting the ideas out. That's more important than whether you get elected. That's what makes it imperative for anyone who wants to influence the discussion to express their ideas correctly. In our current age of instant chat and text messaging, too many people want to separate ideas from their mode of expression. They're the ones who get testy and defensive when someone else notes their spelling or grammatical errors. You're more civil about it, but my answer is basically the same. Writing online is still writing, and the rules of writing still apply. Careless writing runs the risk of prejudicing readers against you. In a presidential candidate, it exposes an inattention to detail that will raise questions about the candidate's essential competence. Since I want to broaden the national debate, I hope my criticisms along these lines will be taken as constructive. Good luck with your campaign.

Anonymous said...

Samuel Wilson,

If you saw my web-site's first draft, I've come a long way. However, as you point out, the road in front of me is still long.

Should you wish to volunteer your services in correcting my writings, we can talk. Until then I hope the US Citizens are looking more for better ideas and plans, the details that matter most in rebuilding a country.

People who desires an excuse to not like another keep looking until they find it. Others who seek something specific know when they find it regardless of how "rough" or "unpolished" the package.

I will not please every citizen. It will never happen.

Mr. Wilson, thank you for your input. I know speed is no substitute for accuracy. I also know that when one waits for something "perfect," they almost never even get close. Sometimes, the exception to the rule, speed becomes more important.

As my father taught, I know "It takes less time to do it right the first time than to have to do it over again." Reminders like this provide that kick in the pants to tune me up a notch. Thank you.


Daniel Kingery, President of the United States of America -Apprentice

Anonymous said...

With all the billion dollar giveaway programs, I thought it necessary to rewrite the USA constitution.

This time, making sure it include the USA Founding Charter.

Before my website expires early December, I'm going through "Google Search" for Daniel Kingery to locate any articles that published regarding my 2008 campaign.

I hope you write an article or sent this to the Editor for "Letters to the Editor".

My website is the same www.PortablePublishing.com.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Daniel Kingery

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