05 August 2008

Bush and Iraq: A Smoking Gun At Last?

Here's one account of Ron Suskind's finding, to be published in a new book, that the Bush administration knew before the invasion of Iraq that the country had no weapons of mass destruction, and that after the invasion the government ordered the creation of a forged document to implicate Iraq in the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States and retroactively justify the invasion. As I also heard on National Public Radio, George Tenet heatedly denies Suskind's version of events, but on one crucial point, the statement by the Iraqi official that his country had no WMD to threaten anyone with, it doesn't matter whether Tenet or anyone else failed to find him credible -- he was correct. As for the other bombshell charge, I withhold comment until I have a chance to read the book and whatever evidence the government chooses to present to refute it. If Susskind is right ... figure it out for yourself.

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