04 August 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Jack Grimes

Jackson Kirk Grimes is the candidate of the United Fascist Union. This is his third run for the presidency. "We believe fascism can upgrade humanity and improve the quality of life for all Americans," he tells Project VoteSmart.

Please note: he said "fascism," not Nazism. Grimes actually wants to ban the American Nazi Party and other racist organizations, including the KKK. Fascism, for him, is the ideology of Benito Mussolini, which Grimes describes as "an entirely new form of socialism that could bring about economic equality and create social justice for all men."

Unlike what you'd expect from a fascist, Grimes takes something like a libertarian position on lifestyle issues like smoking bans as well as Bush-era infringements on civil liberty. Also, lest you identify fascism with the socio-political "right" he has this to say about the economy: "the present capitalist system [is] holding down the common American people to a loathsome level economically, while at the same time, these powerful, ruthless capitalists advance their financial status greatly off of their efforts, for which the people receive only a pittance, if anything at all."

Some readers may know that Mussolini started out as a socialist, and ended his career as the leader of the "Italian Social Republic." His experiences in World War I turned him toward a more militaristic view of the state based on his feelings of solidarity with fellow soldiers. Despite everything Grimes declares in the previous paragraph, his fascism, no more than Mussolini's, is not a "liberal" doctrine. The United Fascist Union intends to turn the nation into a military dictatorship, allegedly on the model of "the Republican Commonwealth of Imperial Rome," in which "The people will be regimented, disciplined and controlled and they will stop thinking of themselves as individuals and act as components of the corporate collective."

Why would Americans vote for this? Grimes depends on the appeal of Mussolini's concept of the "Corporate State," which he defines as "an economic system under which government and corporate interests cooperate with each other for the betterment and general welfare of the nation, whereby government makes a profit for the people instead of exploiting them is the perfect antidote to capitalism. "

As President, Grimes intends to meet three goals: replacing paper money with a Transferable Work Point Card; establish a Universal Price Index to put a ceiling on the cost of essentials; and least realistically, "Create a league of nine or ten nations that would form a Confederacy of States to create a global government."

Grimes's campaign portrait with a shabby looking Roman helmet does not inspire confidence in his movement. If anything, it makes the United Fascist Union look like more of a joke than Grimes intends. In the final analysis, there's a major disconnect between Grimes's avowed concern for civil liberties and against discrimination and his vision of global dictatorship. On his website, at least, he fails completely to convince me why submission to his regimentation and control would be a liberating experience. If he wants to overcome popular perceptions of Fascism, much less become President of the United States, Grimes still has a lot of work to do.

On the other hand, there's this video from YouTube. I'm not sure if this comes directly from Grimes or has been enhanced by other hands, but it's definitely a statement of some kind.


hobbyfan said...

In short, this guy has no chance at all. We don't want a dictatorship in this country!

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor:

Few Americans grasp the ramifications of a piece of legislation entitled "Directive 51", which is very similar to The National Emergency Powers Act that Germany's fledgling democracy adopted after World War I. This piece of legislation was later used by Adolf Hitler to seize total control over all branches of the government, and establish his brutal Nazi regime.

We think it's safe to assume the Bush baddies will simulate a national emergency by staging yet another Terrorist Hoax to cancel the elections this November. Once again, the United Fascist Union cautions you, watch out for this man, Bush, he is replicating the worst aspects of tyrants from the past.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. J. Grimes

Presidential Candidate of the

Anonymous said...

To the Editor:

This story is based upon something my boss, Jackson Grimes, told me when he went to Canada in June for the United Fascist Union grotto of Halifax, NS. It is important that every person who values their liberties read it, and take it’s message to heart.

It seems there was a woman on the same bus as Mr. Grimes, returning to Canada and she told him that her and some friends went to Minnesota recently, and they were all strip- searched by US Customs Officials upon entering this country. She attributed this to all four of them being young and pretty. Mr. Grimes said she looked like she was 20- something. As a woman, I’d like to point out that this is using the draconian legislation the rotten Bush regime instituted after they rushed their very unpopular terror bill through a dead House of Congress, to exploit my sex and mask perversion behind the law.

As an American woman, I’ve got to say this is more than a little frightening, thinking under the laws of the Bush regime they can do anything they want to us and we can’t do anything to fight back. The people shouldn’t fear the government; the government should fear the people. I want you to send a message this November by voting Fascist and making sure Jackson Grimes becomes the next President of the United States of America.

Hail Grimes!

Heather Goldsmith

Head Secretary of the United Fascist Union

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen please stand for the playing of 0' Canada. When our leader enters the auditorium salute him with the hook-horns salute and say Hail Grimes.

Jackson Grimes & the U F U of Canada Ltd.

The Proverb of the Penny

Look at the bright, shiny penny; on one side is a maple leaf; on the other side, the head of the British sovereign. This is one object, anyone whose ever carried change in his pocket knows this. Yet, if a man from Mars landed on earth, and he were to see the heads side of a penny lying on the ground, after leaving believe he has seen two objects instead of one. Unless Martians have a coin comparable to the penny, that is. The same rules apply to the election in America. The Democrats and Republicans were in fact, one party once upon a time, just like America and Canada were one country, under the crown until the rebellion of the lower 13 colonies, then the War of 1812 changed all that. In fact, I think in the case of the Democrats and Republicans, they still are one party, and the American elections are a horse and pony show to entertain the masses, and keep the illusion of democracy alive in that USA. Living with the delusions is dangerous. It surprises me that Canadians ask, If I think McCain or Obama will win?, and what will it matter if either one of these characters does manage to win.

Now, if our friend from Mars realized the penny wasn’t fixed to the ground, and he picked it up in his hand, turned it and examined it he would understand it was one object, and what he thought was an optical illusion caused by ignorance. But suppose something happened, and our visitor from outer-space could not retrieve the coin-- somebody cemented it into the sidewalk or tossed it in a fish pond on a lark-- then it would become more difficult for him to discover the truth. Apply the same logic to the political arena, you will soon see that what the Americans call an election is nothing more than a carnival game of peas and shells dressed up as political choice used to fulfill the masterminds’ protocols of global government. It’s not the politician that matters, but the agenda, which is why the damn democrats, and rotten republicans strictly maintain their monopoly on the political arena south of the border. Via this monopoly, they control public thought, preventing other political philosophies from cropping up. The capitalist parasites who rule the USA know that if a wholesome economic ideology like Benito Mussolini’s fascism were to catch on, their jig would be up with their crooked shell game. The men and women who run as mainstream candidates are carbon copies of one another; it’s the agenda, not the face, which matters. The ONLY hope the Americans have lies in creating new political movements, not in McCain or Obama.

This is the 3rd time I have run for U. S. President on the United Fascist Union ticket. Each time it gets harder and harder. There are less contributions, less attention, less interest, and less votes. You would think with a dynamic concept like fascism the reverse would be the case. Logic would dictate it should be increasing with each election instead of decreasing. We are of the opinion various third parties were allowed to enter the 2000’ Presidential race as a test, and to add to the system’s optical illusion of democratic choice. The system quickly realized this was a mistake, as many parties like the UFU placed high, and were perceived as a threat to the powers that be.

This may be a pivotal election for 3rd parties like the United Fascist Union because if we do not break the monopoly the democrats, and republicans have on the political arena this time around they probably will not allow us to field candidates in 2012. There is most likely very little point in doing so even if the powers that be permit minor factions to run again anyway, as these kooky candidates are hopelessly degrading these elections. Therefore, it becomes vital that we turn the 2008’ election around, and put a fascist in the White House now, for the sake of both America, and Canada. The masses have to learn that in spite of two sides, the coin seeming to be two things, it’s an optical illusion as long as the western nations fall for the democracy hoax, nothing is ever going to change in America, Canada, or mother England, except for the worst, so FASCISM is your only logical, reasonable hope in 2008.

Mr. J. Grimes

Presidential Candidate of the United Fascist Union

on the July the 4th day of

, in the year of our Lord 2008

in the City of Halifax

, the Province of Nova Scotia

in the Nation-State of Canada

Samuel Wilson said...

Grimes affects a profound disappointment over the difficulty he has promoting fascism in the United States while unironically warning of the menace to civil liberties posed by the Bush administration. To illustrate the problem, ask what people would call Bush if he were to employ Directive 51 as Grimes fears. Indeed, what do people call him, as if by reflex, if they merely think Bush capable of such things? The answer is, of course, "a fascist." My disinterested advice to Grimes and his friends is to try a different brand name.

Anonymous said...

Yes but, Bush is NOT a Fascist. FASCISM is a form of progressive socialism, according to Benito Mussolini, who founded our sect and "Conservative Socialism" according to the Arab fascist statesman, Saddam Hussein.

Bush has kind of a wierd 0rwellian, Commie-Nazi mix going. Bush baddies faked the 9/11 hoax, they rigged two elections to install this son of a bitch. So, we think, it's safe to assume Bush isn't going to go away because of an election either.

Hail Grimes!


Anonymous said...

To The Editor:

In the mid-1970’s, middle-class Americans spent approximately one-third of their income on the necessities of life, now they are forced to spend nearly half of their income on these same necessities. Given this trend, America is going to become a land of extremely rich and extremely poor people with NO middle-class at all.

To counter these trends, the United Fascist Union proposes establishing short-term funds to revive a mercantile class in America and shore up the family farm, helping restore the agricultural aspect of our economy. In addition, the U. F. U. also recommends instituting a Universal Price Index which would greatly reduce the costs on all necessities of life, starting at the manufacturing level, and expanding the benefit to the public at large.

Sincerely yours,

J. Grimes

US Presidential candidate

of the United Fascist Union

Samuel Wilson said...

You and I can agree that George W. Bush isn't a fascist, and you're free to believe that identifying him as such is an insult to fascism, but the general public still thinks that fascism consists of guys dressing up in uniforms, beating up people who don't agree with them, and starting wars, and that's a handicap any movement that calls itself "fascist" is going to face.

Anonymous said...

People put too much stock in labels and talk too much about things they don't understand.

They understand little and know even less.That's how maggots like Bush get by with their bullsh*t.



Anonymous said...

Dear Editor:

A recent magazine article I came across was talking about how America has lowered its standards regarding immigrants. Now, our major cities are infested with bedbugs in all of the apartment buidings and rooming houses. Another thing, it pointed out is it's these people who are importing terrible diseases, like leprosy, and consumption because they don't vaccinate for major illnesses in their native countries.

The United Fascist Union urges you to vote for our candidate for US President, Jackson Grimes, so we can enact laws that will make sure only productive people are allowed in this country and, keep English the national language. In short, the U.F.U. will keep America for Americans!

Sincerely yours,
Joanne Parker
Deputy Director
of the United Fascist Union

crhymethinc said...

And let's not forget an important lesson learned in the lives of both Mussolini and Hussein. They were both lynched by their own people.

Anonymous said...

...This is hilarious. Is anyone on this page serious?
Some sound advice; if you really want to install a dictatorship, do it by force. And don't choose a country whose legendary history is rooted in personal freedom. Pick some communist nation or something.
Seriously, I can't even believe this is real. I'm laughing so hard right now.