05 August 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Don J. Grundmann

Not every presidential candidate will promise you "the Truth About the Matrix," and for my part I thought it was a pretentious movie that foundered on the premise that Keanu Reeves was the one anything. Little did I know. The "truth," it turns out, was that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill Robert F. Kennedy. The senator's death was in fact orchestrated by "the matrix," the power behind "the two greatest financial crimes in history," which are the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the imposition of personal income tax. These came into being, Grundmann explains, when the Federal Reserve usurped the government's prerogative to issue money and inflicted income taxes on Americans as a fee for its service.

Grundmann is convinced that Americans have no legal obligation to pay income tax, the Constitution notwithstanding. He believes that the nation has always been capable, and would today still be capable, of funding itself entirely through "indirect" taxes. "Direct" taxes are required to repay the "loan" of money from the Federal Reserve to the government, said money having been made, Grundmann asserts, "from nothing." While the candidate declares his confidence that the government could function without income tax, he also presents an article from one Larken Rose, who basically doesn't give a damn whether it functions or not. If it has functioned on "stolen" money, Rose contends, why should we care whether it continues to do so?

Apart from all the financial chicanery, "the matrix" is also responsible for the legalization and popularization of abortion. As Grundmann explains, "The abortion movement is a long range attack upon humanity which is funded and driven by elite (ultra-rich; Rockefeller, Harriman, etc. ) believers in V2 ( known as " Social Darwinists " ) who have decided that their enemies ( mostly the non-white people of the earth ) must be minimally corralled ( contained ) and ideally destroyed - as in killed and exterminated. Abortion is one ( but not the only ) of their methods for achieving this goal."

The "matrix" apparently also encourages homosexuality. Grundmann cites no less an authority than his rival, Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, for the assertion that "the willingness of our political and judicial leaders to embrace homosexuality reveals their rejection of God's moral law and authority." While picketing a 2007 Gay Pride event in Sacramento, Grundmann submits his own theory on the origins of homosexual tendencies.

You have to look under "Other Truth Pills" (keeping up with the Matrix motif) before you find any discussion of Iraq. Even then, Grundmann depends on other writers, headed by "a guy named Joel" who at least has the wisdom to question Saddam Hussein's overthrow, on the suspicion that Islamic fundamentalists will ultimately benefit. The other articles linked to this page also denounce the war and the neocons, again demonstrating the breadth of the potential anti-war coalition in this country. Like many dissidents, Grundmann appears to be somewhat of a "truther" regarding the 2001 attacks on the U.S., though whether he attributes them to the "Matrix" or other malign forces is unclear.

Also unclear is Grundmann's current status. He was supposed to be the candidate of the American Independent Party, an offshoot of the group that nominated George Wallace for President in 1968, after a failed attempt to run as Chuck Baldwin's running mate on the Constitution Party line. However, the party website reports that Grundmann endorsed Baldwin last June and now serves as AIP vice chairman. You won't know this from his own website, however. While this coalescing of candidates and parties is mostly a healthy process as long as it doesn't result in another Bipolarchy, I wish I had known about it before writing this article. Grundmann will go on the list marked as "WITHDRAWN," and he gets no link to his website.

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hobbyfan said...

The only place this joker is going come November is an asylum. This "matrix" platform of his is just too out there. Nice of you to weed out the delusional crackpots in the field.