27 October 2008

Voting With Guns, Part Two: Conspiracy or Thoughtcrime?

Objectivity requires us to take the alleged skinhead conspiracy (of two or three) to assassinate Senator Obama, perpetrate a massacre in a black school, and decapitate an obscurely significant number of victims about as seriously as most of the reputed terrorist plots that the government has boasted of smashing in the last seven years.

We have two knuckleheads, one still a teenager, who brainstormed this spectacular conspiracy over the course of a month's acquaintance facilitated by the internet. The authorities claim there was an intention to rob a gun store to boost their arsenal prior to the assumed suicide run, though it is unclear whether they also meant to hit a tuxedo shop to acquire the white-tie outfits they supposedly wanted to wear to the fatal affair. They seem to have been arrested mainly for writing racist graffiti on their car. They may have been ratted out by a girlfriend who drove a car for them while they cased potential robbery locations. The Smoking Gun website has posted the actual criminal complaint for our perusal. There's some evidence that they should be taken seriously as potential burglars, but beyond that we're in the realm of thoughtcrime. Their thoughts are indisputably repulsive, but let's ask again whether bloodthirsty thoughts automatically render people an imminent threat to the people they hate. Is it really a crime to wish public figures dead? To fantasize about killing them? I can understand why authorities don't want to take chances given the unprecedented circumstances that will follow should Obama win the election, but each of these assassination or terror plots should be scrutinized with great care so we can satisfy ourselves that essentially harmless people haven't been jailed to polish some bureaucrat's record. For now, though, let's hope these idiots get scared straight by their experience.


crhymethinc said...

Unfortunately, it's more likely to polarize the white power movement into "revenge" mode. These two knuckleheads will be seen as heroes. This sort of stupidity will not end until the white power movement (and any other "race" based movement) has been destroyed once and for all. And that won't happen until the government takes violent action against these people, since violence is apparently the only language they understand.

I think for starters, these two should be made an example of. Their names should be stricken from all public records/news/media, their social security numbers taken. They should be forced to become complete nobodies. Let their "white brethren" feed, clothe and house them - like welfare recipients - for the rest of their lives. Let anyone caught giving them a job or money be treated the same way.

Samuel Wilson said...

People like these two probably anticipate just such action from the government if Obama is elected. That would be one of the reasons for increased "militia" activity in the event. Since the nation is currently dedicated to a pre-emptive approach in the general war on terror, a pre-emptive crackdown on supremacist groups ought to be within bounds.

Whatever my opinion on the threat the current suspects, I tend to think our liberal culture is too tolerant of racial supremacists from white "aryans" to "black muslims." Liberalism contends that everyone is better off if these people can freely air their views so that they can be freely refuted. That viewpoint presumes that supremacists are amenable to reason, and I have proof from experience that they are not. It seems to me that racial equality as a political principle needn't be subject to infinite debate. It ought to be tantamount to subversion to preach against the principle.

Liberals also believe that declaring certain ideas "forbidden" only makes them more tantalizing to people, so that forbidding supremacism would only make it more popular. I'm not sure about that. Discovering forbidden ideas might be tantalizing to liberals themselves, but most people likely to be tempted by racial supremacism won't be liberals.

hobbyfan said...

Where were these two clowns when they passed out brains?

Short of authorizing a lobotomy, about the only way to shut down losers like these is to put them in the ultimate in solitary confinement. Locked in a room with one television set locked in a continuing loop of nothing but informercials and everything Billy Mays peddles on TV. That should scare them straight. Maybe.