28 October 2008

Hey, Jay.

"Hey, jay....Hey, jay...."

That was Mr. Peepers passing through my office, but I couldn't let that pass.

"What are you saying?" I had to ask.

"Hey, jay....Hey, jay," he clarified.

"What are you saying?" I repeated.

"You're going to have to learn to say that when Obama gets elected."

Here I must note that, despite his earlier preference for Senator Clinton, Mr. Peepers will vote for Obama like the robotic Democrat he is.

But at the time I had to ask again, "What are you saying?"

"That's what they say in the churches, the blacks. Haven't you ever seen it? The minister talks, and the people in the congregation say Hey, jay...Hey, jay." He waved his arms like a born-again for emphasis.

"What in the hell are you saying?"

"Hey, jay....hey, jay...."

1 comment:

hobbyfan said...

"Mr. Peepers" is living proof that a fool and his brain cells are soon parted. I've never heard that phrase in any church I've worshipped in.