28 October 2008

Assassination Plot "Not Fully Formed"

Here's the inevitable follow-up to the sensational first report of a terror plot. Now the authorities tell us that the two skinhead morons lacked the minds or means to carry out their white-tuxedo, 88-decapitation, Obama-assassination scheme. The latest report clarifies one detail of the story: the girlfriend's mom apparently ratted out the boys.

I suppose there was enough evidence in this case, particularly the investment in robbery gear, to prove these clowns were threats to somebody, but it was presented to us at a level of alarm that doesn't seem to be justified by the urgency of the threat. But it's been educational for me. Now I know the hidden meanings of the numbers 14 and 88, and I have a renewed sense of how ridiculous white supremacists are. The sad thing is that these guys rearing their heads, as Gov. Palin might put it, probably represent the tip of an iceberg of racist fear and anger at the prospect of an Obama presidency. These would-be killers catch our attention, but the hostility under the surface may be the bigger threat later on.

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