19 October 2008

Debate Update

The final presidential debate has been postponed from tonight until Thursday night, according to this release from the organization issuing the invitations. I hope that's because some candidates said they'd be better able to make the event if it was held later. The last time I looked, six contenders were invited, but it looked like only three might actually show. Those three shouldn't be penalized if the other three ignore an opportunity to get on television, live or not. I'd like to think that the news networks have a patriotic obligation to cover this debate, but that probably doesn't go with most people's notion of a free press, which in practice seems to mean the freedom to ignore news that someone doesn't like. As far as I know, C-SPAN still intends to record the event, but I don't know when it might be broadcast. As soon as somebody posts something that can be embedded, I'll share it with you here.

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