21 October 2008

Kimbo Slice Needs Work

The last time the subject of Kimbo Slice and the dubious decision to promote him as the future of mixed martial arts came up, Hobbyfan (one of my faithful correspondents) predicted that EliteXC, Slice's patron, would go out of business before long. The news has proven Hobby a prophet, and it looks as if it was Slice's defeat on national TV, combined with the victor's comments about how he was encouraged to fight a certain way, that doomed the business. Kimbo is a bubble that has burst, but no one's bailing out EliteXC.

This leaves poor Slice out of a job. As it happens, a position has just opened up. It may be insensitive of me to make this suggestion so soon after Rudy Ray Moore's demise, but it seems to me that Kimbo Slice has exactly the fighting prowess necessary to play the New Dolemite. He'll just need to work on his mic skills -- a lot.


hobbyfan said...

Kimbo in a Dolemite remake? Highly unlikely!!

Seriously, though, Slice has a better chance of turning up in WWE, since his MMA days are all but done. Watch, he'll show up at Wrestlemania 25 next spring. At least Gina Carano has "American Gladiators" to fall back on----I think. If that doesn't return for a 3rd "season", well......!

NotMikeEdwards said...

I think Kimbo might of slapped Bill Fry in the head when he was a kid. Just a theory.