16 July 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Sheila Bilyeu

This one will be brief. Bilyeu, the "Peace and Justice Candidate," is a "Justice Activist" who "enjoy[s] fighting for justice and people's most important needs and our most important values." Born in 1944, she is a teacher and home economist with an MA in education from Northern Arizona University, with a specialty in guidance counseling. Her previous political experience was an independent U.S. Senate campaign in 2004.

Here is her declaration of principles in full:

We need a President that cares about JUSTICE FOR EVERONE. We need fairness in all areas of our lives and Government.It should be of,by, and for all of the people; The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.The person with the most money should not be able to buy the election. When 80% of the money is contributed by 2% of the richest people, they get what they want and the rest of us often get victimized. The poor and middle class often pay by having their children and tax money wasted on war instead of a better qualilty of life for all the people. The Constitution and the highest laws of the land are often ignored; unless one can buy a good lawyer, judge etc, we often lose. The rich often buy injustice at the expense of the poorer fellow citizens. As someone who has been deliberately victimized by the Government over and over again including them tricking me into a fradulent operation that has messed up my life, you can be sure that I will stand up for your rights and do my upmost to shape up the Government. I have been both poor and middle-classed, so I understand the plight of struggling people. As a trained counselor and citizen, I understand what people need and care deeply that people are treated fair. I have fought for the Justice of others and myself. I have a passion for justice and a great deal of energy when it comes to fighting for justice. Please join me in this fight and help make our country and Government one like it is supposed to be and one that we can have confidence in and be proud of.

Bilyeu has a six-point platform. Here it is in full:

1. Justice for all in all areas
2.No war unless it is absolutely necessary. We should save our young people and those billions of dollars to enhance people's lives.
3.Good health care for everyone.
4. Bring jobs back home; provide a living wage instead of a minimum wage.
5.Bring justice to the courts; many federal judges need to be replaced.
6.Make the income tax just.

On the strength of all that, Bilyeu wants us to sign petitions to get her on our local ballots, and to donate to her campaign via PayPal. She has no campaign videos available, and has no current schedule of campaign events. Redundant as it may be, here's her website.


Crime Think said...

As someone who has been deliberately victimized by the Government over and over again including them tricking me into a fradulent operation that has messed up my life

Sounds like a case of extreme paranoia. Perhaps one of the qualifications for the office of president should be a psychological exam/evaluation to make sure anyone who runs is not a danger to themselves or society and are capable of telling the difference between reality and delusions.

Samuel Wilson said...

They should at least have to take something comparable to a civil service exam. That makes me wonder: the people hired by politicians have often been required to take such exam, but I'm not sure if politicains themselves have ever had to take the sort of exams that "crime think" recommends, or any exam at all. Most likely that's because people running for office are assumed to have met some minimal education qualification by virtue of graduating from high school or higher, while the people they'd hire as public servants are often suspected of being incompetent parasites. I'm not sure if a diploma should automatically dismiss such suspicions when it comes to elected offices.

crhymethinc said...

Also, this is a woman who has continuously tried to sue the US government to remove the chip that the military allegedly implanted in her head back in the 70s.