27 July 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Orion Karl Daley

The candidate of the Balanced Party, Daley describes himself simply as an entrepreneur. He has an admirably limited view of presidential powers, which he describes in an almost ironically labored style on the main page of his campaign website. Here's a representative statement: "In the 'Separation of Powers', the president is responsible for the day to day management in doing the will of the people. This 'will' is communicated by the legislative branch that represents the people that is within the constraints of settled law of the Judicial branch."

Standing a little to the left of many independents, Daley promises to get U.S. troops out of Iraq with dignity by the summer of 2009, seeks a peaceful compromise resolution to our troubles with Iran, and states that the second-most patriotic thing Americans can do after enlisting in the military is to pay their taxes. Just for saying that last bit, I'll at least tip my hat to him. In addition, he claims that fears of immigration are overstated, perhaps on purpose, but he acknowledges a need for greater border security.

With everything from extensive YouTube content to campaign t-shirts and caps for sale, Daley's is one of the most extensive and elaborate among the essentially self-nominated candidates. He has extensive position papers on the issues that would be difficult to summarize in the short time I have at the moment, but he's condensed his positions down to five basic principles:

1- Transparent and Accountable Government to serve the People 2- The Dignity of Human Rights in our mutual regard 3- Balanced Trade to return industry back to our shores 4- Economic Solvency for our National Security 5- To Conduct Foreign policy that demonstrates standards of mutual respect

While attempting to impress people with sheer verbiage, Daley is sometimes sloppy with spelling and grammar. He strikes me as an autodidact, or at least someone who's posting content onto the web in too much of a hurry. When his positions are hardly unconventional or really radical, he must hope that voters will be impressed by the quality of his ideas as a whole, but his presentation undermines his argument. At the very least, he appears to be sane, or at least not monomaniacal, which is a welcome discovery after some of the candidates I've examined lately. For starters, here's his campaign website, and below is a YouTube video that, I'm afraid to say, doesn't exactly maximize the potential of the medium.


First Lady said...

Thank you Samuel. It is refreshing and inspiring to read your blog of my husband's campaign. Orion has provided realistic solutions for our foreign policy which I believe need to be heard and considered by all. His point of view as is mine, is that we can achieve global peace and prosperity with respect and dignity. In addition, I would like to encourage readers to read his book called The New Deal which provides real solutions for improving the health, safety, and welfare of America.
First Lady

First Lady said...

Hi Samuel,
I'm back again. I learned a new word from reading your posting. It is autodidact. Yes, Orion is in many areas an autodidact.
He is also a visionary and thinks outside of the box.
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

According to Hindu sacred texts, the important thing in life is to do the right thing -- the outcome is out of our hands. In this sense, I think Orion's campaign in inspiring. Who can predict what the positive results might be, but some conversation in the blogosphere is probably a good first step.

Samuel Wilson said...

Addressing all the comments here, I worry that the blogosphere itself may be a "box" that any ambitious indpendent must get outside. At best, it can become a springboard for any candidate who can demonstrate that he or she has earned support from a substantial number of "netizens." The next step up the ladder for Daley or any independent is getting recommended or nominated by other people. Ideally, that should be the first stage of any campaign: the moment when someone turns to you and says, "You ought to be President." That comes closer to what the Founders intended than any number of people saying, "I ought to be President." That aside, the independents are expanding the conversation, which can only be a positive thing. I think it could be more positive yet if they start conversing with each other, seeking out common ground, compromising a little, and choosing someone to rally around.

Orion Karl Daley said...

Mr Sam Wilson - I want to say thanks for you entry and opinions, and do agree with your thoughts. I also wish to respond to a few of them in the following:

In December, 2004, in fact my lovely and supporting wife, Carolyn did say – you ought to be President. The reason, the Democrats in my opinion, took a fall in November 2004 where not questioning the election results on behalf of their constituents; and in seeing viable solutions for some of our nation's challenges that seemed so obvious.

One example of a challenge is health care for 300+ million Americans. The Democrats note that there should be a universal health care plan, and the Republicans promoted the notion of free enterprise. Ultimately both views allow the health care industry to achieve more profit for denying more claims. The health our nation is reflected in the people, so health care cannot be an industry. It is also reasonable that no tax payer wishes to afford another's health care.

But like health care, we can afford many needed programs for our people: education, money for first responders, disaster resilience, municipal / infrastructure improvements, and cost effective energy development programs, and for paying off our foreign debt. This is by having tax exempt investments that are program specific. Some other benefits are: providing the American people, and industry, who chose to invest in our nation, with a tax exempt return. Each investment can further serve as a means to lower taxes, while providing additional income. The approach further yields more liquidity in our economy and thereby lowers the requirement for taxes over all.

I agree with you also about the obvious next step: getting recommended or nominated by other people.

To earn the faith and trust of the American people, Presidential leadership should be defined, in my opinion, by clear and measurable standards. In a book called 'The New Deal, an Election 2008 Primer', are my plans for our nation. This book further serves as standards which any presidential candidate, that in my view, should meet or exceed in serving our nations best interest, the people.

In the book, like the plans outlined earlier, Government policy is proposed to offer every American worker the means of retaining a fair wage while helping our unions become galvanized; and for industries to become competitive once again.

In closing, although not achieving the center of gravity needed for Election 2008, unless there is a dramatic improvement in the health, safety and welfare of the American people over the next two years, I will run as a Presidential candidate for 2012.

Respectfully Yours,

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author - The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party http://unity2008.org
New York, NY, USA -