31 July 2008

The Presidential Candidaes: Pete Grasso

“I have watched with dismay as candidates from both major parties sell out Christian American values and priorities in the name of partisanship. Our nation is losing its way, and we can only emerge from the darkness by returning to the basic tenets used to create this great nation.”

Pete Grasso is an Air Force veteran, author and owner of Trinity Express Lube. His book is entitled In God We Betrayed, which doesn't really inspire hopes for clarity in the volume as a whole. Politically, Grasso wants to transcend partisanship, believing that "good ideas can be found throughout the political spectrum, provided they are rooted in God’s wisdom and guidance."

He promises to be the one candidate unafraid to say that "The ACLU is the Enemy of the State." He regards the civil-liberties union as a faction of secular humanists dedicated to "driving a wedge between God and our country." No wedges or walls of separation are acceptable to Grasso.

For far too long, people of faith have compromised their beliefs by voting for those who refuse to fully embrace a Biblical view of political life,” Grasso comments. “It is time for people of faith to stop settling for less than a full embrace of God’s teachings, and to support candidates who conduct themselves accordingly.”

On more immediate issues, Grasso believes in setting benchmarks for the progress of the Iraqi military in achieving self-sufficiency, and suggests threatening to pull U.S. troops out if the Iraqis don't shape up. He also wants Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to take more responsibility for defending Iraq, since they supposedly have more to lose if the country becomes a terrorist platform. He'll exercise economic leverage on Syria and Iraq by issuing an executive order halting all business relations between those countries and the U.S.

On taxes, Grasso will make the Bush cuts permanent while "constantly search[ing] for ways to responsibly lower your tax burden." He wants to change congressional rules to require a "supermajority" for the passage of any tax increase. He will streamline the "monstrous" IRS in ways to be announced.

On energy: "America must be free from the grip of OPEC and the reliance on Middle East and Latin America fossil fuels as a matter of national policy and security without stifling innovators of technologies that provide solid, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions in the process.My administration will aggressively drive ingenuity within our nation through alternative energy sources to wean off our dependency of foreign oil. We will create a national symposium to enlist the major industrial nations into this effort. We will make it an international goal to provide cost effective alternative energy solutions in areas of transportation, home, and business consumption and will share this information with the world community."

On immigration, Grasso will militarize the Mexican border to speed up construction of an effective barrier to illegal entry, to be supplemented by eight regiments of rapid-reaction reservists to guard vulnerable areas and assist in deportation efforts. By executive order he will require all unnaturalized immigrants to submit to photographing and fingerprinting. Meanwhile, "we must take back our streets from illegal alien terrorist groups by engaging in an aggressive campaign to purge our cities of this blight. "

But since the bit on the top, you've probably been waiting for the red meat. You get it when Grasso turns to family issues. He actually strives for moderation here. His absolute opposition to abortion is a given, but he at least makes the effort to state: "it is not enough to do away with abortion. As we work to repair a national fabric left in tatters by this divisive and morally destructive issue, we cannot turn a blind eye to the often difficult choices and life circumstances faced by pregnant women who feel they have no alternatives to abortion. "

He's also quick to explain that he's not homophobic, but "sinophobic." To clarify, that means he hates sin, not Chinese people. I'd better let him elaborate:

National policy that attempts to redefine sin as a societal norm can be rationalized as unobtrusive, politically correct, tolerant, not affecting you or your family, benign or even beneficial. Yet, the consequence is ultimately another level of wickedness that God defines as an abomination. Committing and condoning these acts of sexual deviancy while endorsing these lifestyles only further alienates God from this nation as He withdraws His hand of protection from our country.God's teachings lead us to this bottom line: sexual deviancy in all its forms cannot be tolerated. That includes, but is not limited to, homosexual marriage.

Grasso hasn't updated the blog at his website since November, and it's unclear how actively he's campaigning. However, he's posted videos on YouTube. In the video embedded below, he gives you the basic overview of his agenda. While he boasts endorsements from some military and religious people, he's still just another self-selected candidate, and one whose preoccupation with God shouldn't necessary be seen as more sane than the obsessions of other candidates.

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