14 July 2008

Idiot of the Week Candidate

This comes from a Saturday newspaper, so some people might consider it last week's news, but since I make the rules for this occasional award, I declare the author eligible since he turned in his column less than seven days ago. Regrettably, this entry comes from all too close to home for me. I'm embarrassed to admit that it appeared in the paper I work for. Someone in the paper's sales department had to call it to my attention, since I'd given up reading this column some time ago. Reading it just got my blood pressure up too often; I knew what to expect but it was always such an open insult to anyone's intelligence that it reliably infuriated me. Since it was impossible ever to convince the writer to admit his errors, it was best to ignore his handiwork. But last Saturday's column is a special contribution to the national discourse, worthy of unique recognition. Was any other writer in the country dumb enough to think that Iran had tested "nuclear-powered bombs?" I should have expected nothing better from an unrepentant advocate of preventive war and regime change. Read on and you'll get an impassioned defense of the oil industry and a fresh round of global warming denial. I dare anyone to show me as strong a concentration of Bushite drivel in such a small space anywhere else in America.

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hobbyfan said...

And you call this clown "Mr. Right"? Can we revive the former CNN series "Crossfire", and find someone to own this hockey puck on a regular basis?