18 July 2008

Another Triumph Over Terrorism!

You'll probably see headlines about this story along the lines of "Plot to Kill Bush Thwarted," which at first glance (which is all some people are really interested in) might make you think that the President was saved at sometime close to the last minute. But like most of the plots that Americans and Israelis have boasted of thwarting, this one consists of jihadi-wannabes talking too much (symbolically speaking) online and doing dangerous stuff like taking pictures. The authorities themselves say this "plot" hadn't gotten past the discussion stage -- which goes to show how wonderful and free America is. I mean this. Consider: anyone in this country can talk about how great it would be to "take out" Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong Il, or anyone else on the current "evil" list, without fear of consequences. Over there, if someone speaks, writes or posts indiscreetly about taking out a foreign leader, George W. Bush, whom they consider "evil," it's off to prison. For some people, freedom means being able to get away with stuff. Others might define it as getting away with stuff that others can't get away with. I'm open to alternative definitions.

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