24 July 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Jeff Brown

"I want to start a free country, right here in America," writes Brown, a former audio-video processor for the Columbus OH public schools who is presently CEO of DrinkingandDriving.org, which seems to be a clearinghouse of legal aid sites. He has a libertarian streak with a focus on drivers' rights. According to the candidate, drivers should not have to take out insurance on their cars, shouldn't have to carry a driver's license after ten years of safe driving, and shouldn't be compelled to wear seat belts. He considers Ohio's DUI laws unconstitutional and believes that DUI penalties everywhere are excessive.

After detailing his positions on drivers' rights, Brown moves on to more familiar issues. His approach to some is frivolous, as when he proposes to fund Social Security with chain letters, or when he promises to "have the practice of law defined as a mental illness." He seems in earnest on other issues, as when he vows to end the "drug war" by executive order, if necessary, and to reduce the U.S. military by two-thirds.

Here's his energy policy: "Ultimately the solution for our future energy needs is to take a do-it-yourself, home-brew approach. People should try to create as much of their own energy as possible through solar and wind. Power can then be generated by communities and by local and state governments and then tied to the grid where it can be shared to others who may not be having a sunny day."

Despite his dissertation on drivers' rights, he asserts that education is "the biggest issue of all." Here's what he'd do: "The ways we can do this is tap the savings from the reduced military and law enforcement budgets, and provide free college education, free health care, and strengthen social safety nets, so children children won’t have to go to school distracted by hunger or medical issues like asthma or head lice, or because they have had to move and change schools.Create alternatives to criminal sentencing that include mandatory high school and college classes. Create academic curriculum for prisons. Turn prisons into campuses. "

How's he going to get the chance to do it? All Brown can tell us is that he's trying to get on the Ohio ballot, where "a percentage point or two could be influential" and then "as many ballots as possible depending on our resources." Meanwhile, he's created a video explaining his position on drunk-driving laws, based in part on personal experience. Take a look:

Brown is another self-nominated candidate, but he seems to have a clearer idea of what he wants to accomplish than many of his peers. Here's his campaign site.

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