28 January 2009

Russ Feingold is the man!

Finally, after the debacles in Illinois and New York, a U.S. Senator has stood up to say that it's time for a change. Senator Feingold, who just happens to chair the Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Constitution, has announced that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to take the power of senatorial replacement out of the hands of governors. He explains it pretty succinctly himself. I'm also listening to him explain it to Rachel Maddow as I write. Let's let him live up to his promise and put it in writing, and then lean on our Senators to vote for the thing. Between this and voting against Secretary Geithner, Feingold gets much respect here. Give him some yourselves.


hobbyfan said...

Well, it's about time! Something along these lines should've been done a long, long time ago.

And which state does Sen. Feingold represent, anyway?

Crhymethinc said...

If I'm recalling correctly, he was also the only senator to take a public stand against the Wall Street bailout.

He could give McCain lessons in being a true maverick!

Samuel Wilson said...

The McCain-Feingold bill is permanent proof that McCain learned some lessons from Feingold, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Arizonan supported his pal's amendment, when it arrives. But let's remind ourselves of Feingold's limits, since the man still wears the Democratic label.