19 January 2009

Dr. King's Lesson

The "rule of law" is no guarantor of liberty. Americans boast of their Constitution, but it did little to secure the rights of citizenship to black Americans for many years. In some places, for blacks to claim their rights was to put their lives at risk. Hate can make hypocrisy of law. When law becomes a dead letter, or a lie, all we have left is our own courage. We ask how people can be free in places like China or Cuba, and we assume that they can't because there is no "rule of law" in such places. More correctly, there is a "rule of law" on paper, but it's a promise that isn't worth the paper it's written on. So the Constitution must have seemed to African-Americans. To them, and to all Americans, Martin Luther King presented the model of a free man. He understood that the only reliable guarantor of his freedom was his own courage. If he had the courage and thus the freedom to defy power, he was no less free in the most essential sense when they put him in jail. Nor are brave folk in China or Cuba less free because they go to jail. Freedom is not a matter of worrying about consequences. It does not depend on the kind of guarantees promised by the "rule of law." King did what he thought right, fully expecting to go to jail, and probably all along fully expecting to be killed. If you're not willing to do the same and risk the consequences when confronted with wrong, you can have all the rights in the list, but you will not be free, except in the same way a coward is. For teaching that lesson, King is as worthy of a holiday as Washington, if only people will learn it.


The Crime Think Collective said...

Unfortunately it has become obvious over the past few decades that the average American is unwilling to learn. Learning is not entertaining enough and is too inconvenient. The average American would rather spend the hours of their life sitting on their obese ass, watching "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" or some other crap movie starring a pathetic loser like Seth Rogan or Will Farrell - someone whom they can identify with - than to actually educate themselves on what is going on in their own country, with their own government. When this country falls, and it will, it will be the fault of every ignorant, uneducated dolt who shoveled loads of cash into Hollywood and professional sports instead of being an active, participating member of the American democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1 says:

I love your paen of praise to a commie nigger. This "Man of Freedom" was a life long communist agent-and the Communist Party has never supported anyone's freedom anywhere on the globe. (Incidentally, I die laughing reading "Crime Think's bullshit about Americans being "unwilling to learn". He should know; he is the perfect example.)

Martin Luther King's FBI file has been locked up until 2025. There is a good reason for it. Enough is already known about King to establish the case. He plagiarized his doctoral thesis in Seminary School, he beat the living shit out of dozens of women while carrying on adulterous affairs in hotel rooms all over the country, he had a list of communist backers and friends ten miles long and provoked race riots all over the country while preaching "non-violence". He was a fake, a phony and a fraud.

Wilson and Schmuck Think ignore the obvious fact, based on history, that blacks are a worthless race. Without government hand outs and affirmative action, they would be a worthless race in the US. And, oh yes, the same Samuel Wilson who bleeds for worthless niggers has nary a concern for people who have suffered a real injustice, like the Arabs of Palestine.

There are indeed, a group of people who have suffered for their beliefs. They are called "Holocaust Deniers"-and they have suffered criminal prosecutions, career destruction, enormous fines and other disabilities for exposing the "Hoax of the Twentieth Century". Samuel Wilson is a prototypical fucked up jerk, indoctinated by Jewish communist professor, Noel Ignatiev. He loves those he should hate and denounces those he should support. It is hard to judge who Wilson likes slurping more-Commie niggers like King or Israel First Zionists-"defending themselves" from Palestinian firecrackers.

The Crime Think Collective said...

You need to just shut your mouth, you racist white trash filth. Nobody here cares what you have to say. You are nothing more than a coward, a fascist and a piece of semi-human refuse. Your mother must have been a real piece of trash to fuck whatever scumbag your father was to have whelped a completely hateful shithead like you. Go put on your SS uniform and stick your head in an oven like the rest of Adolph's followers did when you LOST the war. And this is the last time I will peruse this blog as long as Mr. Wilson's belief in freedom of speech includes hateful nonsense like your crap.

Samuel Wilson said...

CTC: The problem with my censoring Anon is that I'd still have to see his crap before purging it. So you're not doing me any favor by issuing your ultimatum. The advantage of his Anonymity is that I can't simply filter him out in any convenient fashion. Your own frustration with the ape is understandable, as it is all too apparent that the lower orders of primates like Anon are incapable of learning the same way human beings do. I fear that his repertoire of screeches and grunts was hardwired into his rudimentary brain a long time ago, probably around the time of his first nightmare about being anally raped by someone's big nose. I doubt the poor beast even knows any black people or Jewish people by name, and I feel pretty certain that he has never dared tell any such people to their faces what he thinks of them. Anonymous 1 is indisputably a diaper-soiling, autofellating cowardly troll rather than a white man -- he'd have to be a man, first. I remain committed to free speech, but I grow uncertain whether Anon's vomit meets the standard of rational discourse that free speech requires. I will take your request under advisement.