21 January 2009

New York Senatorial Endgame

Senator Clinton was confirmed for the post of Secretary of State by her peers in the upper house, with only two Republicans presenting. This makes it imperative on Governor Paterson to name Clinton's replacement. Confusion reigns tonight, at least in media circles. The New York Times reported that Caroline Kennedy had called the Governor to withdraw her name from consideration, citing concerns over her uncle's declining health. But MSNBC reports at this hour that Kennedy family sources have told them that the Times is mistaken. The Kennedy camp claims that Caroline did indeed inform the Governor that her uncle's health was her "top priority," but denies that she has set aside all other priorities for Teddy's sake. Whatever the truth is, it could be the final coffin in her "candidacy" anyway, since the confusion, fairly or not, adds indecisiveness to Mrs. Schlossberg's accumulating demerits at a time when the Governor has admitted thinking hard about Attorney General Cuomo. I'd like to think that Katha Pollitt's mocking column in this week's Nation, in which she declares herself as well qualified as CKS and demolishes Caroline's quasi-feminist apologists, and names numerous better-qualified women, signalled a definitive turning of the opinion tide against her, but conditions are volatile as I write (which is why I'm not linking to anything that might be obsolete shortly), and the farce may not be over yet, though it must be over soon.


Crhymethinc said...

At least 1 online news source has claimed that CK withdrew her name after finding out that the governor wasn't going to choose her anyway. The Kennedy camp has immediately denied the allegations, but it wouldn't surprise me, coming from a person who seemed to have such an undeserved sense of entitlement.

Samuel Wilson said...

For the record, Mrs. Schlossberg confirmed her withdrawl from consideration this morning. The governor will now most likely choose either Cuomo or a woman, with several qualified persons to choose from in the latter category.

hobbyfan said...

I've heard it said that Gov. Paterson will select the new Senator this weekend. Let's hold him to that, OK?

There are a number of speculated reasons why Caroline Kennedy backed out of consideration. "Personal reasons" includes caring for Uncle Ted, who suffered a seizure on Tuesday. Better she waits a year and properly throws her hat in the ring for at least a primary run.

As for Swillary now serving as Secretary of State, how soon before we count down to the Apocalypse?

Samuel Wilson said...

Katha Pollitt suggested that, if Gov. Paterson selects Rep. Maloney, as many people recommend, Caroline ought to run for that seat if she has any genuine political ambitions. Speaking for myself, I doubt if she has. Crhymethinc's description of "an undeserved sense of entitlement" sounds more accurate.