07 January 2009

Joe the War Correspondent

S. J. Wurzelbacher is attempting to extend his Warholian allottment of fame by signing on as a war correspondent. He's going to Gaza to report on the "Average Joes" of Israel for the Pajamas Media TV website (www.pjtv.com). Checking the site, I didn't exactly notice a lack of Middle East war correspondents, but I did notice a fairly uniform focus on the Israeli side of things. You don't have to be Anonymous 1 to notice an apparent lack of concern on the part of Wurzelbacher or his new employers with the plight of the "Average Joes" of Gaza who've been exposed to the dangers of punitive warfare by Hamas and subjected to fairly indiscriminate warfare by Israel. Pajamas Media is reputedly a conservative site, though neocon may be the more accurate label. In either event, we should expect little sympathy for Palestinians from that quarter. What Wurzelbacher expects to contribute is unclear. If his intent is to present the Israeli side of things, he's redundant already. The main object seems to be to promote himself and his risible political prospects by taking the "right" stand on the continuing conflict. But imagine how much more celebrity he'd earn if he could call himself "Joe the Hostage." If that happened, he could probably have a campaign run for him in absentia, and would probably win it, depending on the locality. On the other hand, maybe he expects job opportunities more along his line of vocation in Gaza once the smoke clears. He could be a one-man Blackwater of plumbing -- or he could just be a moron. Figure it out for yourselves.

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