04 September 2008

Republicans on Palin

A co-worker called my attention to this YouTube clip (which now exists in several versions) of a candid discussion involving MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd and two Republican pundits, including Peggy Noonan, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan. They were talking after their segment was done, while the microphone kept running. The following represents their candid opinion of McCain's choice of a running mate.

I suppose that some people can dismiss this by saying that, though conservatives, the two Republicans are part of the "elite media" and thus don't "get" Palin. But their comments on the mood of Republican leaders are suggestive in their own right and can't be dismissed so readily. The Alaskan's hate speech may stir up the yahoos in the convention hall, but it's novelty will wear off quickly -- all the more quickly since there was no novelty to it at all. It was the work of Bushie speechwriters, and was nothing that rightists can't hear every afternoon on the radio. This video, however, has a quality of novelty that can only come by accident -- if accident it was.

Peggy Noonan attempted spin control on the subject today. Look here and judge her success for yourselves.

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