10 September 2008

The Presidential Candidates: Megally Z. Megally

Project VoteSmart was overindulgent in putting Megally on its candidate list. The Coptic Orthodox owner of a car lot, gas station and supermarket is a native of Egypt. Since his biographical information doesn't state whether his father was an American citizen, I have to conclude that Megally is immediately ineligible to become President.

"Yes, I was born in a foreign country," Megally acknowledges on his website, "but I've been here long enough to see what's going on with our country." He repeats: "I wasn't born in the U.S., I don't have a political background and I'm not wealthy, but I have the United States and the passion to fix this country."

Too bad. Even if Megally "has the United States," he can't become President if he's not a native-born citizen. I really ought to dismiss him right here, but his site is just too funny to ignore so completely, and I'm in the mood for a laugh. Megally, it turns out, is a modest figure. He realizes that he can't change the country himself.

"Not me alone, Jesus Christ and myself will save this country," he writes on his homepage. This sets the tone for his campaign. Here's more:

America was founded on Christian principles which is what brought the success and power the United States once had, God was the one that brought our country the fortune which had been created - not man alone. America has turned it's back on the one who made us who we were, we have turned our back on our creator. To return America to its once powerful and respected state in the world, we must turn back to the one who created us and makes all things possible. We must return America to her founding faith and creator.

Perhaps Megally will quote James Madison to us. As it turns out, his religion seems to be relevant only on the issue of same-sex marriage. On that topic, he writes: "I don't agree that this is healthy for a country that was founded on Christian principles. " More generally speaking, he told Project VoteSmart: "Bring Jesus Christ back to the United States. You cannot or we can't fix ecomony or when war or getting respect overseas, we cannot do Anything better without The Who created this country which, Jesus Christ! without him we can not do Anything to the beatiful country."

Asked what he'd most like to accomplish before he dies, he answers, "To see country liberated from all the work of Satan." More immediately, he'll "return our troops with victory" from Iraq and accomplish something in South America. I'm not sure what he intends, exactly, so I had better show you what he says and let you figure it out.

We Established in Colombia in 2005, and we are involved in Mexico in 2007 and the Present Election, Since then I was Evolved In Afghanistan and also Liberating Kuwait form Iraq , and evolved to free the U.k. Hostage from Iran.
The last One free the North Korean Hostage from Afghanistan
All This by Grace Of Jesus Christ Love for United State.
Signed,All Good Americans.

I'd appreciate it if anyone can figure that out and get back to me. If you think Megally might be more articulate in person, this interview is bound to disappoint you except if you view it for amusement purposes only. But now that I've had my fun, I must refuse to place him on the final list of candidates because he is not eligible. The fact that he persists despite this handicap tells you all you need to know about this particular campaign. For the record, this is his website.

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