02 September 2008

Lieberman Has Spoken

The "independent" Senator from Connecticut insults half the country by calling on everyone to vote for Senator McCain as the candidate who puts the country first, as if he was certain that Senator Obama would not. He accuses Obama of partisanship, comparing him unfavorably with the arch-compromiser, President Clinton, and in the process applauding those Clinton-era measures that led many people to conclude that there was no meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans. He condescendingly praises Obama as a gifted "young man" who could do great things for the country in the future, presumably so long as he takes his cues from unpartisans like Lieberman and submits to the will of John McCain. This is an extraordinary election, he says, because these are extraordinary times (i.e., "we are a nation at war"), and he assures us that McCain is an extraordinary man. No one will dispute it, but "extraordinary" is really a value-free term. He calls on Americans to come together behind a party that doesn't believe in bringing people together for anything but prayer and warfare; otherwise, "every man for himself" is the Republican rule. He promises that "Washington" can't pen in the mighty mavericks, McCain and Palin, but aren't the "maverick" Republicans, the "outsiders" like Reagan and Dubya, the ones who end up expanding government and turning a blind eye to corruption and waste? He sycophantically identifies McCain with the national interest, as if the Arizonan defined it or even embodied it, so that Lieberman was literally crawling up McCain's sphincter. Finally, he wastes everybody's time when he could have said what he meant most succintly by standing on the stage and screaming, "WAR!!!"


crhymethinc said...

"War! uh-huh, What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing."

- Blood, Sweat & Tears

Seems to me Lieberman ought to be tossed out of the Democratic party. It doesn't make much sense that people who are members of the Democrat party would be supportive of a jackass who thinks he's an elephant. Maybe he has "houdah" confused with "houri".

hobbyfan said...

Sorry, Crhymethinc, but it was Edwin Starr who recorded "War", all the way back around 1970, covered some 15 years later by Bruce Springsteen.

Lieberman, I think tossed his membership card in the Democratic Party away rather than shred his membership in the PTC. He's losing cred by the minute, based on what Sammy's saying, he could actually be pulling a Trojan horse ploy on McCain. Who knows?

Samuel Wilson said...

Hobbyfan, how exactly can Lieberman perpetrate a "Trojan Horse" maneuver on McCain after giving the nation umpty-ump different reasons to vote for the Arizonan? The only thing I can imagine is that he could reveal a personal scandal so horrible that it contaminates anyone he embraces, but if his support for the war hasn't done that, I don't know what will. As for the Democrats, they lack the courage to strip Lieberman of his seniority so long as they need his vote in caucus to retain control of the Senate. Why he continues to vote that way after his last senatorial campaign is a question Republicans should ask themselves.

hobbyfan said...

Lieberman to me is jumping ship to the front-runners, since the GOP has been in charge the last few years (at least in terms of the presidency), but how long is that going to last?