05 September 2008

Grappling For Change.

This will be brief. I just wanted to note a headline I saw on the MSN homepage. It read, "McCain, Obama grapple for 'change.'" Does that simple sentence summon the same image in your heads that it does in mine? The image was of two bums battling for nickels in the street. And wouldn't you know? The headline linked to a story about a McCain e-mail fundraising appeal.

If anything, these guys don't grapple enough. I receive begging letters from Obama nearly every week, but McCain has never sent me anything. I guess I'm not on the right mailing lists. I'm sure Mr. Right, on the other hand, has never gotten anything from Obama. I'm not normally an advocate of money in politics, but what should we make of either man's promises to reach across party lines if neither one is willing to beg across them?

1 comment:

hobbyfan said...

Actually, the first idea that would pop in anyone's head after a headline like that would be when they'd have a steel cage match! (g) Are they still making "Celebrity Deathmatch"? This is tailor made for that show!