22 September 2008

Bob Barr's Texas Showdown

Read all about Rep. Barr's lawsuit to take Senator McCain and Senator Obama off the Texas Presidential ballot. I'm no lawyer, but at first glance his case has merit, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are plenty of precedents in cases where independent candidates were knocked off the ballot. You may not think that Barr has a realistic chance of winning, and you're probably right, but ask yourselves why you think so, and whether your opinion has anything to do with the merits of the case or the law of the state. The next question you should ask, no matter whether you live in Texas or another state, is: why do you tolerate this?


hobbyfan said...

I'm no lawyer, either, but Barr is desperate to hang on to what's left of his 15:00 of fame. Why break with tradition to satisfy an ex-congressman that few have even heard of in the first place? It is now time to officially ratify Mr. Barr as a total crackpot.

crhymethinc said...

It seems that Mr. Barr is correct, but what are his motives? To uphold the Texas election laws, or to better his chances of making a showing in the national elections? Either way, he's making a fool of himself.

I do agree that if the two candidates mentioned did not make the ballot within the time allotted, they should be removed. After all, what is the point of election laws if no one obeys or enforces them?

Samuel Wilson said...

Guys, why all the hostility toward Bob Barr? You're not suffering from Bipolar disorder, are you?