01 September 2008

Anonymous Returns

While I was writing my series of articles on the pro and contra Lincoln books, I half expected "Anonymous 1" to have something to say on the subject, even if it didn't touch on the writer's specialized field of interest, the Jews. Well, it was a little late in coming, but the first comment arrived yesterday, and we've started another exchange back here. Anonymous remains convinced that racial traits count for more than individual qualities, and I continue to disagree. It's not strictly relevant to the Lincoln topic, but any debate with Anonymous 1 is bound to be educational in some way for anyone who reads it.


crhymethinc said...

I'm really not sure why you even bother. He's obviously a moron who refuses to accept any logic or reason. To allow him to continue to bait you into replies is probably just a waste of your time. I know that I am not going to bother to read anything more that he posts.

Samuel Wilson said...

I suppose I'm baiting Anonymous 1 as much as I am baited. Consider me guilty of trolling a troll. There's enough of a debater in my nature that I'm reluctant to grant Anon the last word on a subject, lest he get the impression that no one can dispute his opinions. Perhaps I should let readers figure it out for themselves, but if Anon were out in front of your house spouting these ideas, what would you do?