25 September 2008

California Homophobes: Go Ahead and Starve!

Read this story and see if you don't have the same response.

I've probably written this before, and I'd like not to write it again, but no one is proposing that religious officials be compelled to administer the sacraments of their faiths on homosexual couples. Homosexual couples, as I understand the case, simply want the same legal rights as heterosexual couples -- the same right to share benefits, transfer properties, etc. Whoever has a problem with this is a homophobe. If that's too big a word for some of you, it means you're a bigot. It may be a tradition, it may be two or three thousand years old, but it's still bigotry. It may be an expression of conscience, but it's still bigotry. Perhaps it ought to amuse me, but instead it disgusts me to see you mortify yourselves in order to deny someone else what they ought properly to enjoy. It strikes me as a passive form of suicide terrorism: a similar means to a similar end. Perhaps God would be more impressed with your sacrifices if you exploded yourselves, or if you immolated yourselves like Buddhist monks in Vietnam. If your present tactics don't work, why not try those options? Sometimes I really wish you would.

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Anonymous said...

Christians ought to be treated now as they were in 1st century Rome.