03 June 2009

More Religious Terrorism?

Since this seems like the week to pile on, may I suggest that the apparent arson that destroyed Maine's infamous yet legal topless coffee shop might have been a faith-based crime? If anything, religion was even more likely to be the motive in this case than it was in the murder of Dr. Tiller, as I can't imagine atheists getting so worked up over the notion of bare breasts that they'd burn a building down. The proprietor, who says he didn't have the place insured, accuses some folks of gloating over its destruction as they drove past the scene. Did he get their license plates? On analogy with the media's response to people who refused to mourn Dr. Tiller (I mourn him to the extent that I deplore murder, but I respect other people's refusal), we should hear calls to have those drive-by hecklers rounded up and questioned about the possible existence of an anti-toplessness network of Christian arsonists. I'll have more on this investigation as it develops.

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Anonymous said...

There goes my reason for moving to Maine.