03 June 2009

The fate of Steve Lonegan

Readers may recall that Steve Lonegan sent me a letter last month asking for money to finance his campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in New Jersey. Yesterday was primary day in the Garden State, and I learned this morning that Lonegan lost badly. He at least improved on his fourth-place performance in the last primary, but second place in a three-man field isn't that good, especially when the winner is beating you 55% to 42%. New Jersey Republicans preferred Chris Christie, apparently a sound social conservative who reportedly refused to be specific on how he'd cut the state budget if elected. He was conservative enough for voters despite Lonegan's protest that he should have led the countercharge against the President and Governor Corzine's creeping socialism. Of course, I didn't give any money to poor Lonegan, but I hope he doesn't hold that against me.

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