30 June 2009

Campaign 2008: Over At Last?

Erstwhile incumbent Senator Norm Coleman has finally conceded defeat in his campaign for re-election after a Minnesota court ruled unanimously today that his rival, Al Franken, was entitled to certification from the state's governor as Senator-elect. Such has been the intensity of feeling in this struggle that it is still not certain whether Gov. Pawlenty, a Republican, would certify Franken's election unless the court has explicitly ordered him to do so. Republicans nationwide may still urge him to refuse, convinced as many remain that a steal of near-Iranian proportions was perpetrated in that state by the usual suspects of the reactionary imagination. If Pawlenty decides to make a final stand against Franken, whose arrival in the Senate would give the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in league with that body's two independents, it may prove necessary to secure a writ of mandamus or something comparable to compel the governor to finally conclude the election. In a case like this, Yogi Berra's wisdom applies: it ain't over until everyone says it's over, and even then it may never end in the minds of those for whom politics is always an ideological blood feud.


hobbyfan said...

It's taken 7 1/2 months to come to this? I know the Democratic Party's mascot is a donkey, but maybe the Republicans in Minnesota should trade away the elephant for a mule, given how stubborn Coleman and his people were over this. I've heard of sore losers, but this gets the grand prize.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps a sad-faced clown, given the current shenanigans in our own state government.