11 June 2009

Idiot of the Week Nominee: Jeremiah Wright

We were apparently mistaken in believing that Rev. Wright's fifteen minutes of fame had expired once Republicans proved themselves unable to disqualify Barack Obama from the White House by association with his onetime pastor. The Rev. himself has not kept track of the time, however; nor could he pick a worse time to have his remarks to a Newport News paper publicized nationally than in the aftermath of the Holocaust Museum attack. He's still in a snit because Obama won't talk to him anymore, though he predicts that the President will turn to him when he's out of power or reduced to political duck lameness. While he repeats his charge that Obama himself is consciously ducking him because he is a politician, Wright found it necessary to assert that "them Jews" are keeping him from the President. He also made critical remarks about the Israeli occupation in Gaza that aren't themselves objectionable, as far as I'm concerned. The idiocy of his interview lies in his suspicion that only Jews would try to keep him away from Obama, when in fact anyone with common political sense would treat his approach to the White House as the late security guard treated Herr von Brunn's visit to the museum yesterday. The illiteracy of "them Jews" is only icing on the idiocy cake.

In case the national media are distorting the story or Wright's comments, here's a link to the Newport News Daily Press, the original source of the story, along with the video interview the paper did with Wright.

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Anonymous said...

But he meant to say "Zionists", not "Jews".