26 June 2009

The Legend of Farrah Fawcett

So who was the first person to make the "save the children" joke about the late actress's final wish and the divine intervention that supposedly followed? Whoever that might have been, the joke has gone viral. Within a hour this afternoon, I read it on a Craigslist forum and heard it from two different people in the office. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will soon enough. If you can't wait, try googling the phrase "save the children" and the words "Farrah" and "Jackson." It's in bad taste, but there's a lot of bile being spread on the subject of the late singer that the media, perhaps correctly, isn't mentioning. In a way, the joke is a way of reclaiming for Fawcett her place in the spotlight that was suddenly snatched away. I don't think anyone means it as a vindication of Fawcett; she's just a convenient instrument to make the joke work. But I suppose it links the two late celebrities in history, if only for a while.


hobbyfan said...

If Farrah had made one mistake in her career, it's the decision to leave "Charlie's Angels" after just 1 season. She over-reached a little too soon, thinking she was ready for the movies when she actually wasn't. None of her theatrical films were hits.

Whomever was responsible for the "save the children" joke needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

I thought the joke was pretty funny, but the one I dredged up on the internet may be different from the one you're thinking of.

Anyway, to be honest, I won't miss Farrah Fawcett, and even less so, Michael Jackson. I think his death saved us all from the embarrassment of his come-back album, which could only have been brutally bad. Now if only Will Farrell, Adam Sandler and Jim Carey would follow suit...