04 June 2009

Gun Nut of the Week

Pastor Ken Pagano of Louisville KY has come up with a different way to celebrate Independence Day. He's invited his congregation to celebrate at his church -- and bring their guns. Believing that the nation owes its independence to firearms (which in itself is no argument for private arsenals), Pastor Ken considers it fitting for people to display their guns in a house of worship, and for one lucky worshipper to win a handgun in a raffle. He also sees his stunt as an occasion to educate parishioners on safe gun ownership, a subject of some concern to him given recent publicized shootings in churches. There's just one problem with his affirmative approach to guns. Pastor Ken insists that your guns be unloaded and that they be checked by security at the door -- the Nazi!!!


Anonymous said...

Myabe he's hoping to preach the congregation into "beating their swords into plowshares."

hobbyfan said...

It might be better if Rev. Pagano actually followed the lead of churches here in upstate NY, where guns are exchanged for gift cards and other prizes. His line of thinking, though, has me convinced he's spent waaaaaaaaaaay too much time watching westerns on the cable in his spare time. He thinks he's back in the 19th century, not the 21st.