07 April 2009

People Power in Moldova?

The Communist Party won an apparent slim majority over the past weekend in elections held in Moldova, reputedly the poorest country in Europe. Inevitably, a lot of people are pissed. Perhaps just as inevitably, a lot of those people think the election was rigged. Election observers apparently report otherwise, but a hard core of "anti-comunist youth" doesn't buy it. Today they staged the first act of what they probably envision as their own version of one of the "color" revolutions of purported people power that have driven Communist or pro-Communist regimes on the run elsewhere. Here is raw footage from the scene.

Do they have a case? Are they sore losers? Do they hope they'll get American attention and an automatic benefit of the doubt because they oppose Communism? It depends. I only learned about these extraordinary scenes when I got home from work -- in a newspaper office. So I think this is all happening under the American radar so far. But I'm going to keep an eye on it just the same.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting it's just a case of poor losers. Because of people like Stalin, Castro, Mao & Kim, communism has gotten a bad rap. But the bottom line is that communism is people power. The very basis of the philosophy is that the workers should benefit from their labor. Not just what the factory owner is willing to part with, but a true measure of the toil they put into the creation of the product or service sold by "the company".

Samuel Wilson said...

The problem is, we don't know if that's how the Communists in Moldova think. They may be just another gang of Leninists who think it's their right to give history a kick in the past by playing the vanguard party. The fact that they consented to an election rather than staging a coup is a hopeful sign, but I need to learn more about Moldova and its factions before getting any more hopeful.