15 April 2009

Albany Tea Party Report

One of the local papers estimates the attendance at the Albany "TEA Party" at the Corning Preserve at about 2,000 people. That's fairly impressive for the area as far as pure numbers go. As expected, speakers at the rally declared themselves non-partisan. I think they're sincere about this, but they can't help but be perceived as partisan because one of the major parties is identified, fairly or not, with the regulatory state and the taxes required to sustain it. To oppose any perceived excess of taxation will be perceived as an attack on the Democratic Party. This reporter made an effort to note points on which protesters deviated from the Republican party line, emphasizing that several speakers spoke out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. That means libertarians and Ron Paul fans were in the house. I wonder, however, whether anyone at the Preserve spoke up for "liberalism" in any of its manifestations. Perhaps more reports, hopefully including video footage, will fill in the blanks. I will update this story as I learn more.

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