12 April 2009

Barack Obama is Badass!

Just the other day, Crhymethinc was asking me, "Why doesn't the U.S. just use snipers to take out the pirates surrounding the American hostage?" I thought the idea was implausible and I told him the Americans would probably be afraid of shooting the hostage or getting him killed if they didn't get all the pirates in the first volley. But today I learn that the President took advantage of intelligence of a moment of opportunity and danger and gave the order to take out the pirates. Three were killed, the fourth captured, and the American hostage was rescued unhurt. Were this the action of a Republican president, the "conservative" media would be singing that leader's praises as proof that the U.S. won't take shit from the world's rabble. It's still too soon for them to have commented on the conclusion of this little drama, so let's keep eyes and ears out for what they have to say over the next day or so.

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