27 March 2009

Strange Bedfellows in the 20th District

A Glens Falls paper reports that angry Libertarian congressional candidate Eric Sundwall has endorsed his Democratic opponent, Scott Murphy for the 31 March special election in New York's 20th Congressional District. Sundwall admits that there's little affinity between his views and Murphy's, but he declared the Democrat a "man of honor," implicitly denying the same distinction to Jim Tedisco, the Republican candidate. Tedisco has denied any role in the challenges filed by two "private citizens" that led to Sundwall's removal from the ballot, but the Libertarian clearly doesn't believe him.

Despite the district turning "blue" when now-Senator Gillibrand defeated a scandal-ridden incumbent in 2006, Tedisco initially held a wide lead over Murphy, simply because, as an Assemblyman, he was much better known than the comparatively apolitical businessman. Since the campaign began, Murphy has steadily improved in the polls as Democrats from Gillibrand to the President have declared their support. Some reports have the race as a "statistical dead heat" going into the final weekend. Under such circumstances it is possible that Sundwall's endorsement, not to mention distaste at the seemingly unfair way he was treated, may tip the balance decisively against Tedisco. But as I wrote earlier this week, this has been a weird campaign in which the candidates have undergone unwilling role reversals while dodging party labels. I wouldn't dare predict the result.


Attripa Kellum said...

Yo, Kevin- nice blog. I'll be knocking on doors for Murphy on Sunday. Greaseball MUST go!!!
-your ol' pal Hebert

Samuel Wilson said...

Well, I don't know whom you're referring to, but I'll accept the compliment anyway. I'll say one thing for "Greaseball," though: he was right to call for special elections to fill U.S. Senate vacancies, even if it was partisan and opportunistic for him to do so.