18 March 2009

Overheard on the Bus: 18 March

Driver: Don't talk about that AIG on my bus. That topic just makes me angry and I don't want to be angry.
Passenger 1: What's AIG?
Passenger 2: That's her insurance.
Driver: And our 401K and everything else.
Passenger 2: Ten years ago they was saying your money's safe with us.
Passenger 1: What happened to their money?
Passenger 2: Probably in Sweden. One of those Swiss banks.
Passenger 1: I heard they were going after those banks, too.
Passenger 2: That's right, they can't hide their money in those banks no more. The government's going after those Swedish banks. Obama told them, you don't give back 100% of those bonuses, we're going after you.
Passenger 1: Why are they getting money anyway?
Passenger 2: Because of President Bush. That was in his stimulus plan. But we need to have everybody in the country go down to Washington.
Passenger 1: Why?
Passenger 2: Not to the White House, but to AIG.
Driver: They'll just say they don't have the money. Even Donald Trump says he's bankrupt.
Passenger 1: Donald Trump?
Driver: I didn't say Ivana Trump.
Passenger 1: But isn't he like, the billionaire?
Driver: He ain't bankrupt.
Passenger 1: He's got those casinos, hotels.
Passenger 2: That TV show.
Passenger 1: If he's bankrupt it must be really bad.
Driver. He's got that money tied up. He's got that money so tied up he looks like a pretzel.
Passenger 1: Really?
Driver: His money's so tied up he looks like a pretzel....


hobbyfan said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! That sounds like a routine for a sitcom!!

troutbirder said...

You might enjoy my brief book review of Deer Hunting With Jesus.
Troutbirder II