11 March 2009

Post-Amoklauf Idiocy

Reason magazine has a rapid response to this week's mass shootings, the editors no doubt realizing that something had to be said quickly against gun control. So what they said, in effect, was that if the kid in Wessenden could grab his parents' guns and run amok under Germany's existing strong gun-control laws, then they must do little good, and stronger laws would do little good here. Of course, the writer has only the Washington Post's word that Germany's laws are "strict." Perhaps they're not strict enough, but Reason is easily satisfied if the words appear to prove their point.Also check out the comments, including the predictable tripe from the cowboy wannabes who imagine themselves capable of stopping a determined killer. How many of them have ever faced such a person? Unless any of these blowhards have been in Iraq or Afghanistan recently, I suggest that they watch what they say. You never know if your actions will live up to your words.


Crhymethinc said...

The fact that they allow private ownership of "recreational firearms" (their wording, not mine) means that their gun control laws are not "strict" by any real definition of the word. Pro-gun nuts will call any gun control law strict, since their idea of "not strict" is basically that anyone (who isn't a criminal) should be allowed to own any number of any type of weapon, including fully automatic assault rifles and, (in some real nut cases I've spoken to) rocket launchers, grenades and anti-tank weaponry.

Crhymethinc said...

After a bit of research, it appears that Germany's "strict" gun control laws are about on par with NYS gun laws. A person must be 18, not have a criminal record and have a firearm license, which can only be obtained after a close background check. Pretty much the same, except in NY, one also must have 3 references. I was once looking into buying a pistol and the owner of the store I was seeking to buy from informed me that one of those references "should" be a judge or high ranking local political figure if I really wanted to get a permit. That doesn't seem to be the case in Germany currently