04 March 2009

Idiots of the Week

It's a tie! On one side, the Florida woman who reportedly called for 911 assistance because her local McDonald's ran out of Chicken McNuggets and the counter person dared suggest an alternate meal. On the other, people across America who saw this stupid story as one more excuse to generalize about an entire race of people. Yes, Latreasa Goodwin happens to be black. This led to the following deductions from some of the anonymous analysts of the "Rants and Raves" page of the Albany Craigslist site.

I know! They just love to embarass themselves, don't they? McNuggetts? Oh, sorry, we're all out. Better call 911 this be an emergency! Fuckin' "Mac-Donalds" don't care 'bout no black folk. Yeah, that's acceptable behavior. And you wonder why people feel the way they do. I'll have the Tawana Brawley Happy Meal please.

Yeah, I saw the thing about the McNigger on TMZ.com. Funniest part is that she only ordered a 4 piece. Not even a 10 piece! It says they offered her a McDouble (dollar menu) so obviously she only ordered the 4 piece. Fucking pathetic, dialing 911 over a dollar. They really are fucking animals.

At least this was what was left when I checked the page at 9:00 p.m. On Craigslist a quorum of people can flag any post they find offensive and make it vanish. It makes you wonder what it would take to get a post flagged if these are still standing. But the "Rants and Raves" page is one of those places where, ideally, people should express themselves unconstrained by normal rules of decorum. In practice, this means an indulgence in hate, even if it's only a rude rebellion against perceived obligations to respect people who haven't earned it in the eyes of geniuses like the two writers quoted above. The page is also a haven for trolls, and these posts may have been offered in the trollish spirit, just to see if they make anyone mad. But the comments are too self-evidently stupid to inspire indignation. They are either funny in an unintended way, or sad. You can probably find similar stuff in your own neighborhoods. Figure it out for yourselves.


hobbyfan said...

How petty can some people get? A squabble over a meal item that is SOLD OUT? Calling 911 over something that minor is a waste of taxpayer dollars. The customer isn't right in this case, but rather, we must assume that she's a little twisted upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I wonder how many people actually bothered reading the story before posting their ignorant racist remarks. The woman didn't call 911 because they were out of McNuggets. She called 911 because they took her money, then told her they were out of McNuggets, then refused to refund her money, offering to give her another item instead.

Some folks call that the "bait and switch". In any case, telling the woman that it is McDonald's policy not to give refunds was a lie. Did the woman incorrectly use the 911 emergency line? Yes and she was given a ticket for it. And now she ought to
sue McDonald's for the money she spent, the cost of the ticket and court appearance and for some punitive damages.

Samuel Wilson said...

McDonalds has moved to preempt legal action by offering the woman some compensatory McNuggets. I'm actually surprised that incidents like these don't happen more often, since fast food places routinely take your money before serving your food. In this case, the local restaurant should probably be included on the idiot list because the counter help should have been advised that they were out of McNuggets so they could tell her so before taking her money. Meanwhile, a quick glance at Craigslist shows that people are still making this an excuse to vent their vaunted political incorrectness -- their inalienable right to be stupid.

hobbyfan said...

Your point is well taken, "Chryme". All the clerk had to do was check to make sure they had McNuggets before finalizing the sale. If he/she knew beforehand that they were out, then it is the clerk's obligation to notify the customer of this fact. This wasn't done. Still think that they wasted taxpayer money using the 911 service when it wasn't necessary....