10 December 2008

Media Bias? Here We Go Again

Mr. Right should quit when he's ahead. He had a debating point against Mr. Peepers in re the Blagojevich scandal when he reminded his antagonist that "You were saying a short time ago that all the political scandals involved Republicans," to which Mr. P. could only reply feebly that "Well, they did." But as usual Mr. R. had to overplay his hand to make a talking point. When past Republican governors of Illinois had been indicted for crimes, he asserted, the liberal media immediately and prominently identified them as Republicans. "But how far do you have to look before Blagojevich is identified as a Democrat?" he asked, "The twentieth paragraph?"

I decided to check. Here's the latest story from MSNBC, according to which the President-elect wants the governor to resign. As Mr. Owl says in the Tootsie Pop commercial, "A-one, a-two, a-three ...[CRUNCH] ...Three." That's all it takes for Blagojevich to be identified for what he is. And in the story I linked to yesterday, it took just slightly longer: five paragraphs. That just confirms my sense that no one is hiding anything about this Illinois idiot. So why does Mr. Right believe otherwise? The world may never know.

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hobbyfan said...

Mr. Right should stick to things he knows, like ice chips.

Blagojevich sounds to me like he may be the reincarnation of Al Capone, or any of his contemporaries. You DO NOT put a Senate seat up for bid. Anywhere. All this jabroni is interested in is money & power, with no regard to the people. If Illinois doesn't want to regress to the Roaring 20's, then they cannot hesitate to impeach this punk.