23 December 2008

Clinton Power Grab Alert

When they get around to having confirmation hearings for Senator Clinton, her peers ought to ask her about this story from the New York Times in which she is said to want a greater role for the State Department, hence for herself, in economic policy. I suppose this shouldn't surprise us, since the Clintons are gung-ho globalizers, but this sounds like usurpation of power, since it means Hillary sticking her nose in the Treasury Department's business. Does anyone doubt after reading this that she intends to be "co-president" again? But now it'd be a political disaster for the President-elect to withdraw her nomination, even if he wanted to. It makes you wonder what she has on Obama? The "real" birth certificate? Footage of him attending the "God damn America" sermon? Or of him making a Muslim confession of faith? Or something we can't even imagine? I can't help speculating this way because including the Clintons in the new administration is a betrayal of the very meaning of the word "change." But it wouldn't surprise me if Bill thinks he coined that word himself back in 1992, and that Obama owes him and Hillary something for using it. Why Obama thinks he owes the Clintons anything is a mystery to me. My Christmas wish for him is a good book on Nixon's foreign policy, which was conducted without much input from his Secretary of State -- but I'd be happy to hear that he has one already.


hobbyfan said...

The only thing stopping Swillary from being Secretary of State is a story like this. The Treasury and other department heads should politely tell her to fill out all her requisition forms in quintuplate, and then they'll take their sweet time before telling her, sorry, no can do.

Two things you never let into a hen house are foxes & weasels. The Clintons represent both.

The Crime Think Collective said...

The very fact that Clinton feels the need to redefine the office of Secretary of State proves that she is unworthy of the post. Hopefully this will send up a red flag to enough senators that she will NOT be confirmed.