22 December 2008

Homosexuality = Global Warming?

That's the equation of Joseph Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI, who has told the Catholic faithful that it is as imperative to resist the spread of homosexuality as it is to save the rain forest or defend the environment. Here's his logic: both environmental catastrophe and more widespread homosexuality could lead to the extinction of the human race. You know, as if homosexuality was a virus that will spread indiscriminately through the entire human population if not checked by Catholic self-restraint. As if by attending Milk, for instance, I might get a taste for fellatio.

Yet for some reason it's the people who were against Catholics who were called Know-Nothings.

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The Crime Think Collective said...

Further proof that religion has outgrown its usefulness. Time to wipe the planet clean, once and for all, of the taint of superstition, ignorance and hate that is religion.

This ought to be a sign for homosexuals and supporters of gays in this country to throw off the shackles of old-timey stupidity, to walk, en masse, out of whatever church they attend and realize they will never get a "fair deal" from a god of bigotry and hate.