30 June 2008

No apologies necessary

The media and the campaign industry are working hard to keep a fire going and start a teapot tempest over General Clark's utterly uncontroversial comment from the weekend on Senator McCain's credentials. Senator Obama has made comments meant to distance himself from Clark's allegedly awful utterance, but his implicit apology during his so-called patriotism speech today has been rejected by McCain's friends, who hold Obama as much responsible for the comments of his "surrogates" as Obama's friends hold McCain whenever any Republican or conservative speaks ill of the Democrat.

But why is anyone acting like McCain was insulted by a mere statement of fact from Clark? Does anyone want to argue that having your plane shot down is, in fact, a qualification to be President of the United States? How does Clark's statement denigrate McCain's sacrifice for his country, as Obama seems to believe it did? And why does Obama bother bringing it up, even indirectly, without mentioning Clark by name? There's no distancing yourself from statements made by your supporters or "surrogates" this year. Anyone who criticizes Obama will be seen as a committed ally or outright agent of McCain, and vice versa. The only exception is for those who criticize both men; then you're ignored unless you're famous enough to be despised. Otherwise, to denounce one of the two leading candidates is interpreted as doing the other one's dirty work. Both McCain and Obama want to hover above the fray, eschewing "negative campaigning" or the "politics of personal destruction," but their positions on the twin poles of the American Bipolarchy make them the leaders of the rival factions, whatever the bureaucratic reality might be, and they'll be held accountable for everything accordingly. Denying this reality makes both men look foolish.


Evengelicorp said...

Someone should point out Wesley Clark's obvious gayness. For you smart people, that means he's an obvious, flaming homosexual and either doesn't know it yet or has opted not to tell. We can't question his patriotism, so let's question his manhood. At least John McWhite has a hot wife. And Obama's wife's got that ba-donka-donk common among many negroe females.

crhymethinc said...

And that discredits him how? Seems to me that you're just another narrow mind, ignorant racist. which means your opinion is marginalized. And though the first amendment gives you the right to free speech, it doesn't make what you say right.

Evengelicorp said...

If I were ignorant I wouldn't know this: when you mention the First Amendment, it should be capitalized. So THERE, you overgrown nerf herder.

As far as Wesley Clark goes, I happen to like him better than John McWhite, despite his obvious gayness and lack of a hot wife. I just think he's got his own issues to deal with and shouldn't be out questioning others'.

As far as presidential material, he knows how to kick ass (military talk for lead, not follow) -- despite his obvious gayness -- which makes him more Presidential material than the McWhite and Oblackma put together.