04 June 2008

Idiot of the Week (nominee)

The Think 3 Institute believes in democracy; as far as we're concerned, anyone in America, or anyone on Earth can be an Idiot of the Week when we choose to give the honor. We're not bedazzled by celebrity. While famous people put themselves on the firing line on a weekly basis, if not on a daily one, we think that the ordinary, heretofore anonymous citizen is equally capable of attaining the asinine. Having already proposed a letter-writer to The Nation magazine, we find a worthy competitor in our own back yard. Duncan Campbell of Castleton NY is a frequent contributor to the Troy Record's "Pulse of the People" page. Having heard of high levels of suicide in military ranks, Campbell proposes an unorthodox diagnosis. We take it verbatim from today's paper.

The question comes up about why there are so many suicides in our armed services for the last few years. The total seems to go up every year. Could it be "because you are living in a foxhole somewhere in the Middle East and all you keep hearing from the home front is how you are a 'loser' and should not be there anyway?" these things are coming from those of a "liberal" persuasion who are in a position of political power, who seem to hate their country because of the freedom we enjoy.
Those on the "left" who are using "Soros" money to destroy our way of life
and no one seems to want to tell the truth. "They sit in their plush office,
living off the public trough while I am over here watching my buddies getting
their heads blown off. Like I said, what's the use?"
Maybe that's the problem, what do you think?

What do I think? "Uhhh, no?"

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crhymethinc said...

God, in his infinite wisdom, created the stupid as well.

...just kidding. Further proof that John Locke was right at least once.