17 June 2008

Bill Hampsmire: Idiot of the Week?

While Robert Mugabe could well be the idiot of any given week as long as he remains in power, a gang of protesters picketing the same-sex marriages in San Francisco yesterday could well be the defining idiots of this particular week. In particular, one imbecile named Bill Hampsmire immortalized his idiocy by declaring out loud to a National Public Radio interviewer exactly what I suspected these people thought. He attributes not only recent natural disasters but the declining economy to the nation's tolerance of homosexuals and warns that his god will destroy the entire country for the sins committed in California. Take a look at him.

I await the waves of outrage from the conservative media, based on their reaction the last time a Christian suggested that God might judge America unfavorably. It seems to me that Hampsmire (who represents the redundantly named organization, "Christians for God," also known as "Cry to God") is a worse offender than Rev. Wright, since "God damn America" is rather vague in comparison to Hampsmire's promise of destruction. Will conservatives agree that Hampsmire hates America, and not only homosexuals? Will they take his threats seriously and treat him as the agent of a hostile sect? Or does Hampsmire's apparent lack of powerful friends place him beneath the notice of the professionally indignant? This shouldn't be hard for folks to figure out for themselves.


hobbyfan said...

Hampsmire gives Christians a bad name. He represents the extreme point of view that the more overzealous ones have, too quick to judge. Matthew 7:1 tells us not to judge, lest we ourselves be judged. I don't think Hampsmire has read that passage or memorized it. His loss.

crhymethinc said...

Seems to me that if Bill Hampshire's god is responsible for the recent devastation and loss of life in America, simply because said deity hates homosexuals, then Mr. Hampshire's god is nothing more than a terrorist. And since he is admittedly behind these terrorist acts and Mr. Hampshire is his avowed servant, then according to the law of the land, Mr. Hampshire is guilty of aiding and abetting a known terrorist and should be arrested, tried and punished as such.

poopdiddler said...

The guy has half the name of the stupidest state in the union, he's got to be an idiot.