12 May 2008

Our Next Contestant: Bob Barr

Former Rep. Bob Barr, a persecutor of Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky days, and primaried out of his seat by Bush loyalists, has announced that he's a candidate for the Libertarian nomination for President. Barr was one of that segment of Republicans who mistrusted the Bushies' expansion of surveillance power and executive power after 11 Sept. 2001. He eventually left the Republican party to pursue a new identification with the Libertarians. He'll be the highest profile candidate the party's ever had if it nominates him, though his profile isn't as high as it used to be. It's still unclear whether Ron Paul might try to claim the nomination, but my understanding is that "sore loser" laws in several states would keep him off the ballot after his failure to get the GOP nod. In any event, Barr's announcement is a reminder to everybody that there will be more than two choices come November, and every other option is as legitimate as the first two.

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